Alunbruket is situated in one of the largest nature reserves in southern Sweden – Verkeåns naturreservat. The hikingtrails Skåneleden and Backaleden passes by Alunbruket making it a perfect location for both hiking and biking.

A short film of the surroundings of Alunbruket – Alunbrukets B & B

Here are some suggestions for beautiful hiking trips where you both start and end up in Alunbruket:

Hallamölla – hike along Skåneleden (orange trail) in the nature reservate of Verkeån down to the highest waterfall of Scania – Hallamölla. Then take Backaleden (yellow trail) back to Alunbruket.

Approx. 7 km. Medium difficult trails. See map Backaleden

Hallamölla – the largest waterfall in Scania

Vantalängan – hike along the Skåneleden past the waterfall (Hallamölla) through broadleaved forest down to Vantalängan (orange trail). Then take Backaleden (yellow trail)  on the other side of the creek (Verkeån) through forests and hills past Hallamölla back to Alunbruket.

Approx 14 km. Medium difficult trails. See map Backaleden

Backaleden in yellow and Skåneleden in orange. Alunbruket is situated at A on the map.

Österlencircle – hike Skåneleden through idyllic landscape in a circle. The trail goes along a creek, over the hills of Brösarp and on the ridge of Linderöd. Approx 34 km. See map Österlencirkeln

Skåneleden close to Haväng

Brösarp is easy to access with public transport (Skånetrafiken). It takes approx 2 hours from Kastrup airport, 1 hour 30 min from Lund and 45 min from Kristianstad.

How to get here

Kaffestugan Alunbruket
Alunbruket 101
273 57 Brösarp

Ta av från väg 19 vid Eljaröd och följ skylten med en kaffekopp i ca 5 km.


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