Sydostleden is a South East Sweden bike route from Växjö to Simrishamn that passes by Alunbruket. Read more about the route here – Sydostleden – or download a brochure with descriptions of the different stages of the route – Sydostleden pdf

Rent bikes

If you stay with us at Alunbruket B & B we have really good Trek-bikes for our guests to rent for 100 kr / day.

Otherwise there is a excellent bike rental in Ravlunda (only 13 km from Alunbruket) – Ravlunda bikes


If you want a guided mountainbike tour in beautiful settings this is the page to look at –

Mountainbike along Verkeån

Mountainbike along Verkeån

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September öppet lör-sön kl 11-17

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Vägbeskrivning: Ta av från väg 19 vid Eljaröd och följ skylten med en kaffekopp i ca 5 km.
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