We bake everything ourselves! That means no shortcuts but pasteries of highest quality.

Here are some examples of what we usually have on our menu. The menu changes daily. We try to use products that are in season – in spring we make rhubarbpie, rhubarbcordial and pesto of wild garlic, ; in summer we have cordial made of elderflowers, elderflower-walnut cake and ice-cream made of wild strawberries; in autumn we make applepie.

We still serve the traditional cakes with recipes dating back to Hildas days. At the same time we want to explore and invent new flavours.


Our classic plate of cakes contains cardamom bun, sponge cake and two butter cookies (we also have cakes without gluten and/or lactose).

Examples of other homebakes treats

Cheesecake with lemon curd

Rhubarb cake with oat and almond (served with our own custard)

Elderflower cake with walnuts (served with whipped cream)

Homemade wild-strawberry and pistachio ice-cream

Homemade oriental ice-cream (with orange peel and roasted almond)


Examples of sandwiches made with homebaked bread

Fruit bread (with nuts and fennel) with Brie and our apple-apricot marmalade

Egg and our own pickled herring on dark bread

Wild boar salami on dark bread

Prosciutto, Brie and our pimiento marmalade on dark bread

Västerbotten cheese / walnutpie with salad (made of carrot, rocket and dates) and Prosciutto

How to get here

Kaffestugan Alunbruket
Alunbruket 101
273 57 Brösarp

Ta av från väg 19 vid Eljaröd och följ skylten med en kaffekopp i ca 5 km.


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