Hiking package

Hike along some of the most beautiful trails in Sweden; from the sea over the hills surrounding Brösarp and through the nature reserve of Verkeån.

Skåneleden close to Haväng

Start/finish: Haväng (alternative Ravlunda church if you arrive with public transport)

Duration: 2 days (one night at Alunbruket B & B)

Hiking: 2 x 18 km

Price: 1050 SEK / pers

Backaleden in yellow and Skåneleden in orange. Alunbruket is located at A on the map and Haväng at J.

Included in the package:

 A traditional fika at Kaffestugan Alunbruket

– Dinner at Alunbruket B & B

 Accommodation in a charming double room with shower and bathroom at Alunbruket B & B

 Breakfast at Kaffestugan Alunbruket

 Lunch at Brösarps gästgiveri 

Alunbruket B & B

Day 1: 

Your hike starts by the sea where you pass grazing animals on the heath, hike over rolling hills and along a creek in one of the largest nature reserves in southern Sweden. You also pass by the largest waterfall in Skåne.

Map and more information can be found here:

Section: 6 Kivik – Vantalängan

Section: 7 Vantalängan – Verkasjön

After the first day of hiking you arrive at the charming small village of Alunbruket where you get a classic Swedish fika at Kaffestugan Alunbruket. It is the oldest coffee cottage in Scania and still run by the same family – now in the fourth generation.

Kaffestugan Alunbruket

After the check-in at Alunbruket B & B you can stroll over to Christinehof castle and the surroundings. One of Swedens biggest industries in the 18th century used to be located here and the area has an interesting history. In the evening you will be served dinner made with local produce.

Skåneleden pass the old warehouse in Alunbruket

Day 2: A generous breakfast buffé is served at Kaffestugan Alunbruket. You then hike back towards the sea on a different trail than the previous day. You get lunch at the classic Brösarps gästgiveri – one of the oldest inns in Skåne – that serves traditional Swedish food made of local produce.

After lunch the hike continue over the hills outside of Brösarp, with stunning views out towards the sea. The last part of the trail also goes through orchards and grazing fields.

Skåneleden in the nature reserve of Verkeån.


If you don´t want to bring your own lunch pack the first day you can start in reverse order with Backaleden (yellow trail) and have lunch at Brösarps gästis in Brösarp. For the second day on Skåneleden (orange trail) you get a lunch pack from Kaffestugan Alunbruket – extra cost 100 SEK / pers.

If you think 18 km is to much to hike then you can start in Brösarp – which is easy accessed by public transport and where you also can park your car without any cost. The distance is 13 km on Skåneleden (orange trail) and 10 km the second day on Backaleden (yellow trail).

For booking contact Johan at kaffestugan@alunbruket.com or telephone +46 (0)417 26115

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Vägbeskrivning: Ta av från väg 19 vid Eljaröd och följ skylten med en kaffekopp i ca 5 km.
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